The Cleveland Metro Ski Council (CMSC) is a network organization of 23 ski clubs reaching thousands of skiers and snowboarders in northern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and western New York. Managed by enthusiastic volunteers, its mission is to promote the excitement and camaraderie of skiing and snowboarding to everyone – regardless of ability, age, or economic background.

While CMSC member clubs hail from as far west as Sandusky, east to Warren, Youngstown, and Erie PA, and south to Canton, Akron and Wooster, the majority of CMSC clubs are concentrated in the Greater Cleveland area.  Year-round social and ski activities of each club are limited only by their members’ imaginations.

Whether a person is married or single, a single parent or married with children, over 21 or over 71, a novice or expert skier, is physically challenged, has an unlimited budget or budget-minded, is active or enjoys being around active people, CMSC has a ski club that will suit anyone’s lifestyle and many fast friends ready to be made.

Formed in 1967 as an Ohio, non-profit corporation, CMSC’s constitution provides for an annual election of officers. Each member ski club sends a delegate to the Council’s meetings.  CMSC’s newsletter, the Sitzmark, is published during the winter months. Cleveland Metro Ski Council is a charter member of the National Ski Council Federation, representing over one-third of a million skiers in the U.S.

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Cleveland Metro Ski Council:   WHO WE WERE, ARE, and WILL ALWAYS BE

By: Anne Pivato Houdek, CMSC 50th Birthday Party Chair, CMSC President 2000-2003

As we celebrate CMSC’s 50th Birthday and towards our future, it’s important to take stock of who we are.  From our beginnings in 1965 to our incorporation in the State of Ohio in October 1967, we fundamentally have not changed.  The friendship, fun and camaraderie are the same, only the faces and clothes are different.

Our criteria is simple: if you have fun playing in the snow, CMSC welcomes you.

We have a ski club that suits anyone’s lifestyle. What you do for a living, how old you are, what your relationship status is, if you have an unlimited budget or are budget-minded, if you’re physically challenged, if you’re a beginner or expert, or what your ethnicity is — those things just don’t matter when you’re skiing or snowboarding with CMSC.  We were inclusive long before it became a trend.

We are a community of multigenerational snow-lovers and equal opportunity fun providers.  Our sport and our friends who share it will always be there to make us laugh, share our personal joys, ease our sorrows, celebrate life’s milestones, challenge us, support us and, above all, help us live in the moment and escape our off-slope lives for awhile.

CMSC’s founders gave us an organization that allows people from all walks of life to come together, year in and year out, to simply play in the snow and have fun year round. Through the decades, countless individuals have volunteered their time and talents to make CMSC a rewarding organization to be a part of. We look to the next and future generations to keep CMSC going for decades to come.