CMSC 2017 Race Schedule

Weekend Race Series — Sponsored by Marhar Snowboards & Green Ice Wax

Date Venue Course Type  
Wed  Jan 4, 11, & 18 Boston Mills Qualifier  
Sat  Jan 7 Holiday Valley Giant Slalom & Snowboard GS  
Sun  Jan 8 Holiday Valley Slalom  
Sat  Jan 21 Swain I Giant Slalom & Snowboard GS  
Sun  Jan 22 Swain I Slalom  
Sat  Jan 28 Snow Trails Slalom & Snowboard Slalom  
Sun  Jan 29 Snow Trails Dual Slalom & Snowboard Duals  
Sun  Feb 5 Boston Mills Slalom & Snowboard  
Sat  Feb 11 Kissing Bridge Dual Slalom & Snowboard Duals  
Sun  Feb 12 Holiday Valley Dual GS & Snowboard Duals  
Sat  Feb 25 Swain II Giant Slalom & Snowboard Combined  
Sun  Feb 26 Swain II Slalom & Snowboard Slalom  
Sat  Mar 4 Bristol Ski Combined Super G, Giant Slalom & Snowboard GS  
Sun  Mar 5 Bristol Ski Combined Slalom & Snowboard Slalom  
Sat  Apr 22 Reinecker's Party Center Racers' Banquet Gold Rush!

Wednesday Night Race Series — Sponsored by Buckeye Sports, Banc Consulting Partners, & Reitz, Paul & Shorr Lawfirm

Bib Pickup 6:00 - 6:45 p.m.    Races start at 7:30 p.m.   Croyle Race Hill
Date Venue Course Type Special
Wed  Jan 4 Boston Mills Giant Slalom Cancelled due to snowmaking!
Wed  Jan 11 Boston Mills Slalom Also CMSC Weekend Racing Qualifier
Wed  Jan 18 Boston Mills Giant Slalom Beer Night after the race!
Wed  Jan 25 Boston Mills Slalom  
Wed  Feb 1 Boston Mills Giant Slalom  
Wed  Feb 8 Boston Mills Slalom  
Wed  Feb 15 Boston Mills 3 runs Giant Slalom Awards in the bar beginning at 8:30
    2 best runs count as last 2 races